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Boyapati Srinu in a huge dilemma, Balakrishna project uncertain



Vinaya Vidheya Rama’s failure seems to have had a serious impact on filmmaker Boyapati Srinu’s image. The film was not only received poorly by the audiences but, it also ended being a financial disaster, so much so that the film’s core team voluntarily chose to cover the distributors’ losses.

For Boyapati Srinu, the way out of the whole mess would be his project with Balakrishna. The two have had tremendous success together in the past and Boyapati is banking heavily on their upcoming project.

Balakrishna too made a comeback of sorts through Boyapati’s earlier films. However, there’ll be a small delay before the new project commences.

With the elections just around the corner, Balakrishna will be completely busy focusing on his political career and will be unavailable until May. That would also mean the movie cannot take off until then.

The main catch though is something else. The new project has a huge political angle to it. Should Balakrishna win the upcoming elections and reprise as Hindupur’s M.L.A, there will be no problems in making the film.

In fact, he will carry leverage and help the film as well. However, if things do not turn out that way and Balakrishna loses, there could be problems.

With the risk of the script getting turned down post elections, Boyapati has entered a dilemma. Balayya is known for being a bit moody and the election results will play a huge role in how the project fares.

Boyapati is certainly not in a situation to dictate terms and will have to resort to what’s being offered. Tough times!


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