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Vishwaroopam 2 Review: This Kamal haasan show is as Inconsistent as it is good

Viswaroopam 2


Vishwaroopam which released five years ago amidst huge drama and controversies ended up being a critical and financial success. A sequel was in development for a long time and after a five long year wait it hit the screens without much hype. Let’s see how good this sequel turned out.


Vishwaroopam-2 picks up from where it left in the first part, Wisam (Kamal Haasan) leaves for U.K along with his wife and team. After a series of flashbacks which fill the missing pieces of Wisam’s past, the actual plot kicks in which leads to a final showdown between Wisam and his old friend Omar Qureshi who plans to create havoc across the country like any other clichéd terrorist. How Wisam saves the day forms the final act of the story.


When you have someone like Kamal Haasan helming a project you expect nothing short of exceptional performances from the whole cast. Even at his age, Kamal convinces us in many action scenes though one may wonder if he is too old for the romantic scenes with Pooja Kumar.

Pooja Kumar looks good on screen and her character is mostly restricted to asking questions which take the narrative forward but she proves that she can take up serious characters going forward. Andrea Jeremiah, Shekhar Kapoor and others did pretty well but the cameo from Waheeda Rehman steals the show.


The main issue with this film is its inconsistency in technical departments. Vishwaroopam-1 had great production values and the same was expected from this movie but it’s a huge letdown.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed the Songs and background music for the first part but for some reason, they replaced him with Ghibran whose music is just at par. Many familiar character soundtracks of the first part are rarely used. The cinematography is uneven as it was dealt by two different DOP’s. Even locations throughout the movie look artificial and green screened.


Kamal’s Writing
Flashback episodes
Action scenes


Music(Songs & BGM)
Inconsistent Narration
Unnecessary subplots in First half
Production Values


The enthusiasm created by Vishwaroopam-1 should have been utilised by following up with a sequel much early. The long delay seems to be the culprit for the unevenness of the movie. This makes it look like a movie constructed out of the leftover footage from the first part. The entire first half is full of subplots which delay the promised showdown between Wisam and Omar.

Kamal’s Writing is brilliant as usual but they are let down on screen with mediocre narration and music. To sum it up most parts of Vishwaroopam-2 look as if they belong to some other movie.


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