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2.0 Movie Review: Rajnikanth and Shankar are back with a Visual Treat

Robo 2.0


The blockbuster combo of Superstar Rajnikanth and Shankar are back again with their most awaited movie 2.0. Let’s see how it turned out to be:

2.0 Movie Review

STORY: The film unfolds with the suicide of a mysterious old man(Akshay Kumar). What follows immediately is cellphones flying from everywhere in the city. Things get even worse when people are murdered by cellphones. Then enters our Vasheekar(Rajinikanth) who proposes to bring back Chitti to fight the issue.

Chitti almost does the job for the city but to encounter the enemy it becomes inevitable to activate ‘2.0’. How 2.0 fights with the enemy, who is Akshay Kumar and his backstory forms the rest of the story.

PERFORMANCES: Rajnikanth has almost 5 different avatars in the movie. His act as Vasheekar and Chitti as we know are not crowd-pleasing but the real magic of Rajni is in watching him as the bad robot and other two facets which come as a sweet surprise to the audience. Its surprising to see the man with the same aura even at 68!

Akshay Kumar played an emotional role which is completely out of his zone and he did well with it. Amy Jackson as an expressionless Robot could be the easiest job she could have got in her career. Rest of the cast is forgettable.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: After Robo(2010), Shankar hasn’t really made a great film but this time he didn’t disappoint. He didn’t pay much attention to the story but what he did really well is the presentation. He made sure he has packed the movie with wow moments that are worth the ticket.

VFX is surprisingly much better than what we have seen in the trailer and 3D is used well. Action sequences form a quarter of the whole movie and they are well choreographed. It’s really a welcome change to watch a film without a song that halts the narration. A.R. Rahman’s background score, as usual, is exceptional.

Randali episode

Lack of emotional connect


‘2.0’ is a worthy sequel which entertains you to the core as long as you are watching but it hardly has any emotional connection to stay with you. One could say it’s a solid entertainer with no soul but it has Rajni, the high you get from every mannerism from this man is bigger than all the emotions.

As usual, Shankar also conveys a message here which is very relevant. Watch it in 3D for a great cinematic experience.


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